About us

Head Office

Firm name Doog Inc.
Address 18-4, Azuma 3-Chome, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 305-0031 Japan(Google Map
Established Nov. 26, 2012
CEO Akira Oshima
Executive Vice President Shoji Okamoto
Director Hiroyasu Kuniyoshi
Non-Executive Director Shinichi Yuta
Technical Adviser Yoshitaka Hara (Future Robotics Technology Center, Chiba Institute of Technology)

Subsidiary Company

Firm nameDoog International Pte. Ltd.
Address140 Paya Lebar Road #05-07 AZ @ Paya Lebar Singapore 409015
(Google Map)
EstablishedMay. 26, 2017

Doog’s Slogan

The products produced by Doog bring comfort and workability along with excitement and surprise to workplaces and lifestyles in all industries around the world.

The “tools,” “people,” and “smiles” included in the slogan all mean that the main actors are people.
Automation is sometimes seen as unmanned, taking away people’s jobs, but it is by no means the only way to do so.
Instead of people being used by machines or systems, “simple” robots that can be used as tools expand people’s capabilities.
People will be energized and smile when they are able to play an active role and engage in activities.
For this reason, Doog continues to evolve its products with the keyword “collaboration” at the center of its mobile robot technology.

Company Name Origin

Doog 道具

(Tools in Japanese)

Doog Good

Doog Dog

Our robots can be simply used as tools to achieve excellent performance by pursuing high technology standards and developing equipment that can work collaboratively with people

Management philosophy

We realize our vision based on the following principles.

Our Mission

Efficiently deliver practical technologies that are useful on site to every corner of society

Our Vision

Create new values and experiences and continue to meet and exceed customer expectations

Our Values

To create value that is loved by people, think from the customer’s point of view, fuse the understanding of the essence, teamwork and individual creativity, and work with integrity without fail.

Our Future

We continue to improve our skills, ethics, and symbiosis, and we are delighted to continue being selected by our customers by seeking to contribute to society in line with the changing times.

Employee action guidelines

  1. Comprehensively examine and judge the optimal and essential solution with emphasis on speed
  2. Maximize your strengths by fusing your own creativity and teamwork
  3. Know the strengths of each person, actively utilize them, and continue to grow
  4. Knowing their weaknesses, accepting each other and having a spirit of mutual assistance
  5. Create a workplace where everyone can work with peace of mind based on high ethical standards
  6. Have a spirit of symbiosis under the soil of respecting and sharing diverse values

Founders’ greeting

Our company, as a mobile robot base unit maker, will work to improve the efficiency of various industries and create smiles, centering on product planning and design and core software development of mobile robots that support business in the industrial world and public spaces.

Also, in order to provide after-sales services that provide peace of mind even after installation, the base unit is packaged and provided in equipment and operations that are actually useful at each site, and mutual assistance that leverages each other’s strengths with each partner operator is provided. By building relationships and showing appropriate responsibilities, we strive to earn the trust of end users and promote business.

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.

Akira Oshima