Mobile Robot from Doog has a place, many, in this pandemic where daunting, tedious tasks still must be carried out in a manpower scarce climate. In order to contain the current situation, government bodies have been setting up many extra facilities. All this set up require manpower and countless moving of goods/cargo over long periods and distances. With manpower being scarce, how can work go on? Technology is the answer. Doog’s Robotic Cart can be deployed in many of these scenarios addressing this need. Doog’s robot can be configured to become:

■ Linen Delivery Cart
■ Food Delivery Cart
■ General Goods delivery Cart with Towing capability
■ UV Disinfectant Robot
■ Spray Disinfectant Robot

Doog International is seeking the following kind of partnership in promoting this solution to the industry:

A company specializing in cleaning to co-sell the Robotic Disinfectant solution or
Sales partner, promoting and selling our Mobile Robots.

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